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1 Gallon Concentration and 5 Gallon Concentration

Our Story

Our Story
“As a child, I would look at pictures of the log and timber frame buildings, that my grandfather had built in Finland, before he immigrated to Canada. The simple, rustic patina on these structures was timeless. I asked him how he did it and he replied “ox blood was used to age and mellow the timber.” He said once the wood was treated, you never have to treat it again. Fast-forward 25 years, I became a painter and finisher specializing in log timber and wood structure finishing. Without fail, customers would always complain about their decks, siding and woodwork needing yearly maintenance. Decks blistering in the sun and peeling away, left customers upset and frustrated with what products were on the market. I remembered what my grandfather said to me about using ox blood as a wood treatment, and that it would stand the test of time. After much experimentation and research, we came up with Alaska ONE TIME. A cost effective, environmentally friendly solution for all your log and timber wood needs. We found this product to have a natural mildew, fungus, algae and insect resistance. From the west coast of Alaska, to the south coast of Florida, and all points in between, we have found our product a success in all weather conditions. The science behind this product is simple, all wood naturally turns to a grey patina. Our product accelerates this natural process. Vapour entrapment cause other coatings to fail, blister and peel. Alaska ONE TIME allows the wood to breath naturally and allows vapour transmission. Through the test of time, you will see your wood naturally antique and get better with age.”
–Chris Franklin

Our Mission

Our mission is for homeowners and customers to save time and money by using Alaska ONE TIME for all their log, timber and woodwork treatment needs. One time application is all that’s needed for a lifetime of protection against mildew, fungus, insects and algae. It’s safe, environmentally friendly and ecologically responsible. Do it right, do it ONE TIME.