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Alaska ONE TIME A cost effective, environmentally friendly one time wood treatment coating for log and timber homes.

The ONE TIME Difference

Yes thats right do it one time and that it.

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Alaska ONE TIME will protect your home for a lifetime.

Modern Homes

March 6th

Alaska ONE TIME has a beautiful finnish that lasts a life time, works really good if you are going for a modern grey colour. Protecting your investment one time.



April 6-7th

Protect you cottage or vacation home, with one coat of Alaska ONE TIME and you can relax knowing that yourwood is coated for a life time.


For Life

April 12th

Yes that is right apply one time and thats it.

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Do It Right, One Time.


“For many years, as a tradesman working with wood finishes, I was frustrated. Often conventional finishes fail over a short period of time. Going back to my grandfather’s root in Finland as a master builder, he mentioned that ox blood was used for centuries to preserve wood. After many years of research, and not wanting to use ox blood, we found the formula for Alaska One Time, with the same results.”

- Chris Franklin

Alaskan ONE TIME Experts

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Registered Forest Technologist

Alaskan ONE TIME

ALASKA ONE TIME is a Canadian owned and operated company based out of Keremeos, British Columbia. With the environment, animals, and people in mind, we’ve created a natural wood treatment that is environmentally friendly, organic, and non-toxic. Our concentrated formula is easy to use, just add water! ALASKA ONE TIME gives a beautiful silvery, aged patina to your wood, that never needs to be touched up, or reapplied. Do it right, one time!


Great product we have large timber framed elements to one of our recent projects and we used Alaska ONE TIME to seal and coat them and they look great. They have a very modern look to them, would refer anyone to use Alaska one time.

-Bob Macky

Used Alaska ONE TIME on my cabin and I love it. doing it one time and the leaving it works for me. Now I just have to powerwash every couple of years and it still looks great.  Keep up the good work.

-Roger Samakt

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